Medford is rich in colonial and industrial history.  If you are unable to pay us a visit and explore on your own,  the websites below may be helpful in the meantime:



Located just north of Medford Square, Old Medford High is part of a Historic District that features:

Chevalier Theater  - We are honored to be good neighbors with the Chevalier Theater and Gene Mack Gym, once the auditorium for the high school.  It is run by Medford and has many singular features.   Many of our residents enjoy the nearby year-round and seasonal events in this fully restored civic amenity.

World War I Memorial - This monument which graces the front of our property was constructed in the 50's and is dedicated to Medford's residents who served in World War I.  Old Medford High proudly performs ordinary maintenance for the monument as part of our charter with Medford.

"Over the River and Through the Woods..."  -  This holiday favorite was composed at the nearby landmark 114 South Street House.


The Medford Farmer's Market was the best ever this year, according to several of our frequent shoppers there.  They have closed up for the year, and will return next spring at the same location near the Condon Shell.


The MBTA has announced proposed station locations for the new Green Line Branch that will run from Downtown Boston to points near South and West Medford.  The nearest 1st confirmed location closest to Medford Square is near Tufts University at Boston Ave in 2020, followed by Boston Ave and Rte. 16 in 2023.  The "T" has been very forthcoming and transparent with their plans, despite the 2016 budget setbacks.  Work is underway, and it is a high political priority due to the continued residential development of Somerville and Medford over the past 20 years.

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