Management Staff:

Ed Hofeller, President  -  The Hofeller Company

Kenneth E. Nuti, CMCA, AMS, PCAM  -  Association Manager

Fredy Mancia  -  Superintendent

Office Hours: 9AM - 5PM

Office Contact

781.395.4585 (phone)

781.395.6130 (fax)

Emergency contact  -  617.734.0859

Emergencies are considered to be imminent threats to property, safety or health.  If  law enforcement is needed, contact the police first (911), then the emergency management number.  In case of fire, contact the Fire Department first (911), then the emergency management number.  Tell the person answering your call what steps you've already taken.

Check the link below for how to best conduct a 911 call.  This is especially important for emergencies involving pool use.  The red phone in the pool area will automatically dial 911 when picked up.

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