• REAL ESTATE  -  Real Estate agents are reminded that the management office is happy to answer any fiscal and operations questions your clients may have.  Agents whose clients would like to speak with management staff are free to have them contact us directly.  Unlike many condominium associations, our operations include a prudent business plan for future capital maintenance and we encourage all parties to be well-versed in these matters.
  • ALSO FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS  -  Please remind your clients that we permit cats, birds, gerbils, etc. but not dogs.
  • GREEN AWARDS  -  We are pleased to report that the City of Medford Mayor's Office has awarded us a Green Award for our energy efficiency initiatives over the past decade.  Thanks goes out to current and past Board members and pro-active residents for supporting these efforts!  As an additional plus, we have received another Green Award from the Community Associations Institute.
  • 2017 PROJECTS  -  a) Much work will take place in the rear areas again, starting with re-paving of the nearest rear parking area adjacent to the tennis court.  b) In conjunction with that will be completion of the new brick sidewalk behind the tennis court and connecting the two rear parking lots.  The new plantings along that walkway, per the Master Landscape Plan, may be installed late in the year or in 2018.  c) The rear metal stairs behind the building, also near the new sidewalk and pool, needs work and will be rebuilt with a better presentation given the expected increase in use.
  • PARKING LOT LIGHTS  -  The lightposts currently in use were installed in the early 80's and are nearing the end of their usefulness. Two have come down recently in strong winds and others are developing an array of problems, so the Board will begin replacing these with a more suitable design for a residential environment.  Most opinion leans toward maintaining the basic design established along Medford's Historic District and City Hall, while utilizing the now-inexpensive LED lighting.  These will most likely be replaced four or five at a time over a period of six years.

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